Interview with an author: K.R. Brown

Today’s Interview with An Author is with K.R.Brown! Brown is a married mother-of-two with a four-book-series (Number 5 is on the way!)

What are you writing at the moment? 

The 5th book in the Twisted Fate Series.  It is called Twisted Destiny.

What’s your favourite book? 

I don’t have a favourite book; I read all kinds and sometimes go back and re-read them.  If I had to pick though it would be The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

The Giving Tree

What’s your writing routine? 

I try to write every day, even if it is only a few words I want to try and add something to what I am working on.  I am what most authors call a “seat of my pants” writer. I let the story work it out as I write. I let the characters write the story.

What’s your favourite genre to write, or even to read? 

I have more Paranormal Romance out then anything, but I love the fantasy side as well.

What inspired your first book? 

Twisted Fate is kind of about me in many ways.  No I have never been attacked by vampires (haha). The truth is I put a lot of me in the first book.

Are your friends and family supportive of your writing career? 

My family and friends love that I have taken on the role of story teller.  Even at a young age I loved to write and tell stories.  My husband supports all that I do with the books, so do my daughter and son.

How do you manage your time? 

With two kids and a house to keep it is hard.  I normally write at night between 9 and 12.  Sometimes I will write during the day but it isn’t very easy with both kids.

Are you self-published or with an agent? Was this a personal choice? 

When I first started out I did Self-pub. I was picked up by a publisher in December. The reason I went self-pub is because so many publishers weren’t looking for Paranormal Romance, or they didn’t like how I wrote.  I understood that and went with self-publishing instead.  I happened to be very lucky when I found Imaginary Publishing and Faith!

Did you find it difficult trying to get into the industry? 

Yes, it is very hard to get a book out into the world now.  It is a job in itself and you don’t really get paid for it.  I love what I do and would never change it, but sometimes it is very disheartening to see the negative.

How do you keep motivated?

I look at my family and I realize I can inspire my children to go after a dream.  Writing and becoming an author was my life long goal!  This is something that I can tell my kids and they can see that dreams really do come true if you work hard enough.

Thanks, K.R. Brown!

Here are the Amazon links for K. R Brown’s books: : Twisted Fate

by K.R. Brown : Twisted Death

by K.R. Brown : Twisted Game

by K.R. Brown : Twisted Brew

by K.R. Brown

The books are listed in reading order

And a single novel: – Aster

by K. R. Brown

by K. R. Brown

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