Discovering Poetry (with examples)

As some of you may have guessed, I have being doing my final assignments for the year this month, and it’s been a bit taxing.

However, being something of a recent discoverer of the joys of both reading and writing poetry, I found out something new about myself.

I’m actually quite good.

Now, I know that sounds vain and biased, but a year ago my poetry was awful – I had no idea what I was doing. This year, I was better, but still didn’t know the rules of poetry.

For one of my assignments, I decided to do a poetry-prose piece (which I am hoping to turn into a book after it’s been marked). I’ve done a poetry assignment before, but I made the mistakes of only using free verse, and writing about things I hadn’t experienced yet.

This time, I did things a little differently, and it’s all thanks to this website that I even knew what I was doing:

I know it’s a bit simple, but when you aren’t Stephen Fry, poetry laws are confusing. This website helped me understand poetry at it’s simplest terms.

(I would like to point out, I actually own this book, and it’s very useful! S o if you are interested in learning a bit more about poetry, you should check it out!)

I think my new favourite types of poetry are: Haiku and Shape Poems. They are pretty easy to do once you get into them.

An example of a Haiku:

Here is my Haiku.

Doesn’t it look quite lovely?

Yes, I think so too.

An example of Shape poetry:



when you

find something

so brand new and

shining: you can’t quite

believe that it’s real. Or that

it is yours, to keep – forever and

ever. You think that some day soon,

some one with take it from you, in anger

or in greed. But it’s okay, because for now at

least, it is yours. And sometimes, that’s enough.

(taken from my other blog:

Poetry often seems to be about abstract things, and you have to spend hours dissecting them. I think the form of a poem should be just as important as the words chosen. The poet chose that form for a reason.

If they chose a shape poem, it could be to do with an image: a poem about anger in the shape of a volcano, or a poem about love in the shape of a heart.

Have you experimented with poetry or would just like a chat? You can either comment below, or Tweet me @melissaholden94


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