DAILY PROMPT: Express Yourself

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How do I express myself?

In all sorts of ways! I am a writer, a blogger, a Tweeter, a Facebooker and utmost: a human being capable of texting incredibly fast whilst talking at the same time.

I am no stranger to expressing myself. Most of the time it is through words, or speech. However, I am occasionally hit with the creative paint brush and I wreck a canvas for an hour. I love painting, but it’s not one of my best skills.

If you follow me on Instagram (MissieH123), then you will know I am somewhat of a photographer. I love taking photos, thinking about the zoom, the lighting, but most of all – you have captured that moment forever: creating memories.

And that is all I am ever trying to do – create memories.


How do you express yourself? Tell me @melissaholden94 on Twitter, or comment below!

9 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT: Express Yourself

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