Blog Entry 6 (31.03.2014)

Had a mini breakthrough last night with my write-up!

I got Lara to proof what i had so far, and then when I went to bed, I started to write up the few pages I wrote whilst in Dartford.

Then I realized they were awful –  so I started that section again. It may have been 2 AM when I finished the write up of that section, but I’m actually really pleased with it -YAY!

Hopefully now I have a few weeks off, I’ll get into the habit of writing everyday.



  • 95 days until July 1st (my desired deadline – and the day I move house)
  • If I write 350 words a day, I will finish (40,000 words) by July 1st.
  • Current word total:  7297

keeping you posted,



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