I wish the Daily Mail would make their mind up… (Opinion Piece)

So, I’m drinking my morning cup of tea (milk, two sugars – if you were wondering) after being rudely awakened by the plumber. I’m scrolling through Facebook, which is the 21st student way of accessing the news, and I see a link from the Daily Mail page saying: 

Saturated fat ‘ISN’T bad for your heart’: Major study questions decades of dietary advice

Well, after all the years of it being ingrained into our health lives that saturated fat is like death on toast, I had to have a quick glance at the article. Long story short, scientists are now saying saturated fats AREN’T bad for your heart, and that they were wrong all along. 

I don’t know what they expect this revelation to do – butter is still bad for the rest of your body – people aren’t going to suddenly rush to the supermarket in their droves this morning just because the Daily Mail say it’s okay to have more butter. 

A comment on the the article summed it up for me:

redbusman, Kent, England, 23 minutes ago

Dr Robert Atkins was saying this for years, just as the likes of Dr John Briffa and even my own GP are now….ever since the governments of the western world have been promoting low fat diets and low fat products have been launched, obesity and heart disease has increased!


“Redbusman” has a point: health experts have been saying this for years, but because as a culture we are obsessed with weight and health, but it is so easy to buy take out instead of cooking a healthy stir-fry for two. (Here’s a stir-fry recipe if you’re interested: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/stir-fries

Readers – just stay healthy and happy, that’s all I can ask. And, maybe stop reading the Daily Mail on the science-side of things. Or, altogether. 

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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2582867/Saturated-fat-DOESNT-cause-heart-disease-all.html#ixzz2wIpdTEM9 
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