So, I met Dot Gumbi today…

So, today we had self-published author, Dot Gumbi come into our class as a guest speaker. And I must say, the guy knows what he is talking about.

As someone who has recently joined the self-publishing game, I am eager to learn from those who have been playing longer than myself. Dot Gumbi made it obvious to me (if it wasn’t already) that self-publishing is hard work, and it takes dedication and maybe a few connections to become skilled at the monopoly that is self-publishing.

Dot Gumbi’s book, The Pirates Of Maryland Point looks amazing in both Kindle format and paperback. I was rather jealous that he used and not like I did. I’m thinking of reprinting my book, The Snow Killer, so from what Dot said – is the way to go for us poor little student writers.

The Pirates of Maryland Point (as taken from the Amazon page) is:

The greatest prize at the London 2012 Olympics isn’t gold. . . it’s the Holy Grail. There’s a rumour there’s treasure buried beneath the 2012 Olympic site. And that a secret army is going to find it. Only nobody believes it. But when a mysterious group of pirates move to the East End, people become suspicious. And when Cockneys start disappearing, the Pearly King demands answers. But that’s the least of Oscar’s worries – all he wants to do is kill some cockroaches. The problem is, he’s using a chemical weapon to do it. And he has to get rid of it before the police find out. “If you like Robert Rankin, Jasper Fforde or Douglas Adams – this is for you.” “Cockneys fighting pirates! What more could you want from life? “

If you would like to check out his blog, go to:

Buy his book on Amazon:


2 thoughts on “So, I met Dot Gumbi today…

  1. Thanks Mel, glad you enjoyed it and that it wasn’t a bore-fest (some of the technical stuff isn’t fun, but there’s no way you can get your manuscript onto Kindle/Lulu unless you jump all the hoops). My latest one stumbled at the final fence and needed several tweaks before it passed and made it onto Lulu (which will syndicate it to iBookstore and Barnes and Noble, assuming the formatting is good).

    One thing I didn’t mention was that will give you an ISBN for Kindle now, meaning it can be sold on any site, and it even says that print ISBN’s are now logged with Nielsen’s book database, meaning in theory Waterstones could stock your book if you went with Lulu – however, I’ll believe that when I see it.

    You mentioned in the lecture about successfully slaying the Amazon tax dragon. Do you have a link and any information you can share about how you got round it? I’m feeling brave enough to try again.

    My inbox is always open, so if you or any of the other guys on the course have any questions – please shout.

    All the best,

    • Hiya,

      The Amazon dragon was mostly slayed with patience. Because I don’t have an online signature, I had to print the form off after I’d filled it in, and then sign and post it to the US. It’s all pretty self-explanatory once you’re on the site (KDP).

      Good luck with the new book!

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