Relationships: PROS vs CONS

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships, and the different problems they cause. But, I’ve also been thinking how reassuring they can be. Torn, I decided to make a list to help me settle my own argument: so here is my list of relationship pro’s and con’s.


  • comfort
  • someone to come home to
  • someone to care/worry about
  • someone to share your problems with
  • intimacyHappy couple
  • inside jokes
  • finding things you have in common
  • learning about that person
  • honesty
  • laughing with them
  • cuddles
  • the butterflies every time you see them
  • sex


  • commitment
  • pressure
  • expectations
  • meeting their family
  • pretending to like their friends
  • guiltrelationships arguing
  • jealousy
  • constant communication
  • judgement
  • pretending to have things in common
  • laughing at things that aren’t funny
  • pretending they don’t upset you
  • arguing
  • the fear that they don’t really love you
  • anxiety

I’m not sure I’ve helped myself making these lists, but hopefully it goes to show that there are good things and bad things about any kind of relationship, or decision you find yourself making. The point is, if the bad outweighs the good too many times, you might want to rethink a few things.


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