A Blog for Norman: Part Two

I’ve just read the eulogy for Norman’s funeral, and I am in tears at my desk.

Norman did so much for so many people; he raised me and my sister, he’d been married; had multiple careers; got into trouble and made everyone laugh.

My sister has quoted my post, A Blog For Norman, and I just keep thinking, what would he be saying to us right now? What would he do?

But I know exactly what he would do: he’d give me a big cuddle, tell me not to get upset, ruffle my hair, and tell me how proud he is of me. Of all of us. I bet he’d do the same to my sister too. To all of us, because that is who Norman was: he was Daddy. He protected us, he raised us, and he was proud of us.

I know none of you knew him, but I just wanted you to know, he was the best person in the world, and I am privileged to say that not only did I know him and work for him, I was his step-daughter, and he raised me. 

People say you are remembered by what you leave behind, well Norman left behind two daughters who wouldn’t be where they are without him. 

2 thoughts on “A Blog for Norman: Part Two

  1. I’m so sad. The only consolation for the living is the memories of being loved and the knowledge that he will still be looking out for you. Hugs, Brenda

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