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Hi WordPress followers!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! As many of you who follow my blog closely know, I recently lost a person who was very dear to me, an although it was not a complete shock, I don’t think I have come to terms with it. 

Norman McKay Brown, raised me. I’ve known him since I was eight years old. Without him: I would be nothing.

I’ve decided to make a list of the things I would never have done without him, so here goes:

– Gone to Thorpe Park (his daughter and husband took me)

– Eaten Chinese food (Beef Chow Mein when I was nine)

– Seen Rochester castle

– Go to Broadstairs and play crazy golf at eight in the morning

– Have a step-sister and step-brother-in-law and -step-niece and -step nephew

– Become a writer

– Gone to university (it was my step-sisters passion for learning that made me realize my potential)

-Written a book (he encouraged me until the end, I’m glad he got to hold my book in his hands before he passed)

– Gone to France (he persuaded my mother to let me go)

– Learn how to pull a pint (aged 9, standing on a crate)

– Develop a passion for film

– Listen to ELO

– Meet some of the most important people in my life

– Read as much as I do (he bought me a book of bedtime stories when I was nine, and read them to me)

– Learned how to cook

– Try Indian food


What I am trying to say, that even the little things we do for one another, can change a persons life. If Norman had never had Kaye; I would never have gone to university. If my mother wasn’t constantly ruining dinner, Norman would have never shown me how to cook. If Norman didn’t introduce me to every pub landlord in Dartford; I would have been an underage drinker being arrested in a bar.

If Norman hadn’t walked in to mine and my mothers life all those years ago, I wouldn’t have become the woman I am today.

Norman, whether you are on a cloud pulling pints in the sky, or resting eternally: I love you, and thank you. You changed my life in ways I could never have told you. You and your family welcomed me when my own rejected me. You introduced me into a world where two men may walk into a bar strangers, and leave as friends.

Rest in peace you amazing man, 

Goodbye xxxxxxx 


If you would like to help raise money to stop other families losing loved ones to cancer, please support Macmillan or if you would like to donate to the “The Norman McKay Brown tribute fund” then please do so. Every donation counts. 


2 thoughts on “A Blog For Norman

  1. It’s always so terribly difficult when one loses someone as special as that. I lost my best friend Dorothy a few years ago. The void was never again filled. People are so priceless and valuable. Once they are gone,we have lost that part of our lives forever. Yet, I can’t help hoping and feeling,there is more to this world,than we know. I don’t believe in God. But I do believe in Souls (If that makes sense?) And I like to believe,No energy can truly be extinguished.

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