The clocks ticking… and I’m at work (Blog entry)

So it’s three days until Christmas, and I’m at work. In Canterbury…

Luckily, my train home is today at 3:25! I’ve picked up my tickets, I’ve got all the presents, all my clothes are packed. Everything is in my locker at work waiting for me to finish.

Hopefully it will have all dried by then! I got absolutely soaked on the way back from the train station.

It was lovely and sunny, if a bit chilly when I left the house this morning. Then it started drizzling. Then the wind picked up.

By the time I got to work, I was drenched head to toe. All of my clothes are damp, the wrapped presents are wet, and will most likely need re-wrapping; my work cardigan was dripping (luckily I had packed a spare). My umbrella broke, my hood wouldn’t stay up, my shoes are wet and have holes in.

And to top it all off, I am now at work, counting down to 3pm, when I then have to run to my locker, put all these wet scarfs and cardigans on, pick up my soaked rucksack and handbag, and run to the train station.

Doesn’t help that I have never caught a train from Canterbury West before: East if my usual, but due to predicted weather warnings, East are not running my train over the Christmas period. So on top of it all, I have no idea where I’m going once I’m inside the station.

And, once I get off the train in Ebbsfleet International, I’ll then have to spend 45 minutes on a bus, full of old people. I hate buses. I’m claustrophobic, I’m soaked.

By and by, I’m not a very happy writer today.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


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