Daily Prompt: My Number One

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When I saw this prompt on my reader, I knew exactly who to talk about. My best friend, lover, ex, and confidant: Felix.

If he ever sees this, he will kill me, but I don’t care. We talk every day, either via Skype or text, we Snapchat, we talk about the most mundane things in the world, and the most serious.

I cherish his friendship because at the end of the day, when I feel awful, or when I can’t talk to my girlfriends, he’s there, and I can rant to him.

When I released my book, he was the first to say well done and how impressed he was. That meant a lot to me, considering my mom hasn’t even finished reading it.

He doesn’t get mad when he’s annoyed me and I blog about it: he finds it funny.

When I was head over heels in love with him (which thank god I’m not now), he understood, and let me get on with it.

When I was struggling with my weight, he told me guys don’t care about weight. I know it was a lie, but still!

When I found out my ex-step father/boss/friend had cancer, he went with me to Canterbury Cathedral, and stood with me whilst I prayed for his safety. He didn’t make any sarcastic comments, he didn’t ask me why I was praying when I’m an atheist, he was just there for me.

When we are together in person, which isn’t very often because he lives in Canterbury, we have the best time. We can stay in all day and talk, eat pizza and veg out, and he doesn’t care. He even buys me pizza (he’s a vegetarian) when he knows I can’t afford it.

I hope he cherishes our friendship as much as I do, because I think I’m a pretty good best friend. I hope he thinks so to.


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