Empress of the Red Red Red Roses

I wrote a poem on an envelope in the form of a rant, and have formatted it into an attempt at prose/ poetry. Hope you like it!




Did you ever see something so lovely and temperate, as a rose?
Sweet, red red red rose.
They bloom in the sun,
And when moonlight hits, the
Night’s tears glistening
On the petals, as if

Diamonds, both common
And rare.
Aren’t roses too?
Aren’t we all?

I do truly believe that somewhere amongst the stars,
There is a Diamond Rose
Upon the chest of an Empress,
Who could never appreciate it’s beauty.

She lives in the galaxies
That we mere mortals may
Only dream of.

Perhaps she grows tired of Her stars.
Maybe one day
We shall grow tired of ours?
But not just yet.
Only when we learn all that there is to learn,
May we tire of such splendour.

Maybe the Empress shall never tire at all?
Maybe, she lives to be
Millions of years old? Maybe,
Upon death,
She shall join the kings
And queens amongst the diamonds,
And too become a star:
A red red red star.
So red it can only be likened to two things:
And blood.

But isn’t the blood of a royal blue?
And isn’t the night sky blue?
And isn’t the waters of the sea, blue?

So, if blood is both red
And blue:
Pray-tell, what is the colour of her heart?
For one so esteemed must be cold-hearted.
But one so beautiful,
And surrounded by the beauty of the stars,
Must be either the kindest,
Or the cruelest.

But could they ever go hand-in-hand?
A ruler must make the hardest
Decisions – in a mind for Her people,
And for Her crown.

Or does she have no crown,
And that diamond rose is her Royalty?
Is that one shining rock all that
stands between her,
And the stars over which she

If she abandons her
Duties, will she be
Allowed to run among the stars?
Or may she forever watch,
And relinquish her right
To freedom.

If that red red red rose-d diamond
Around her neck wasn’t
So lovely,
I do not think she would
For a second.

Do you?


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