Random Act of Kindness

I’ve just seen today’s Daily Prompt, (click here for more details) and decided I’d actually write this one.

A few years ago, I worked for a high street retail store in my hometown. When I went to hand in my notice  – I was moving – I was offered a Supervisor position.

I was pretty shocked, especially as I hated this job and the majority of the people that both worked and shopped there.

There was however, an upside. I knew a colleague of mine had been gunning for the Supervisor role ever since she started, but as these roles usually are based on qualifications, she wasn’t offered it. So, I decided to do something kind (for a change.)

I explained to my boss that I was flattered, but couldn’t (and wouldn’t) take the position, but my colleague would be perfect for the role.

Later on, said colleague announced that she was to become one of the Weekday Supervisors after training. When people asked her how she got the job, she said that somebody had recommended her for the role and the bosses had agreed.

She never found out it was me who put her up for the job. She still works there a year later and she loves it.



9 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

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