The Italian and The Writer

I’ve decided to start writing a blog about the strange and wonderful things me and my housemate get up to.

Here’s a hint: I’m The Writer, Lara’s The Italian…

Entry one: Acting

Last week, in the midst of a conversation about Lara’s short film, we decided to look at some plays we had and test my acting skills.

As a writer, I am typically uncomfortable with speaking out loud. I’m not talking about day-to-day conversation: I mean reading out loud or getting on stage. So when Lara first asked  me to star in her film, I wasn’t overjoyed.

So, Lara comes back downstairs with my favourite play/film of all time: “The History Boys”. I immediately claimed Dakin’s lines, who wouldn’t?

We started with something simple: a conversation between Mrs Lintott and Hector. It went OK.

Then we sprang for “A Street Car Named Desire”, which Lara is obsessed with. Me – not so much. That didn’t go so well.

After the quick realization that I had no idea what was going on in the play, we agreed to switch back to The History Boys. That’s when it got funny.

You see, we had chosen the one and only French scene in the entire play. And neither of us speak French, fluently anyway.

In the middle of a French prostitute scene, our housemate Jai walks into the room. Not the best timing…

That’s all for now!


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