“Sleep” (poem as prose)

It’s 11:33 UK time, and I can’t sleep. It’s weird, sometimes I find myself nodding off in the middle of the day. Other times, I wonder how I ever slept… Sleep Sleep: I’m not avoiding you,  I swear. But sometimes, just sometimes: I believe we are enemies. You evade me, you entice me. You end my days, but you bring me new ones. Is the death of a day, the same as the birth of one? Sleep, are you a friend? You bring me joy, in my dreams. You relax me, you keep the world still as I close my eyes. Just for a moment. Will I ever sleep again? Are you coming to get me? Sleep, are you a person? Are you the strange blur of a figure in our dreams,  running through the field of stars? Or are you the stuff of nightmares, who creaks floorboards in the night? Sleep, you are loyal: every night. No matter what. You give us the stars,  so we may dream a little longer.



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