An Eighties Movie

I wish my life was like an eighties movie:

the guy gets the girl

they learn right from wrong

and just this once, 

everybody wins. 


The music that makes you feel

so alive

you want to cry

and laugh

and sing

and dance dance dance

like never before.


When they kiss for the first time

on screen:

your heart bursts

you want to be her

feeling his touch

and know you shouldn’t like him

but you always did.


Watching the popular kids

get knocked down a peg or two,

and watching the geeks rise

higher than ever before.

They always win,

and it’s never bad.


The guy everyone loves

just because he’s so



The girl who doesn’t care 

what she looks like,

and the boy that loved

her all this time.


Life should be like an eighties movie.

Because then we all win in the end. 


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